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  • Laurent Duquerroy
    Laurent Duquerroy

    Coldplay and Beyonce face backlash over India-themed music video: here is the official “Hymn for the week-end” video, from Coldplay and Beyonce. Though the video aims to portray India in a positive light, the various ways in which it does seems to be potentially problematic for some people. For example, the video shows Holi, children dancing in the streets and other imagery that may perpetuates that many call a “simplistic portrayal of India”.
    My dear indian fellow, how do you feel when you see this clip? Proud, hurt, miffed? Do you make a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation? And the most important, are you mad at Beyonce for cultural appropriation or are you mad at her because she made us listen to a Coldplay song?

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